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Top 10 things to remember when choosing an event venue


Planning a corporate event, wedding, conference, gala dinner or birthday bash promises for an endless to-do list. One of the first and most important things that event management needs to focus on is choosing a suitable venue. It is never a good idea to go with the first event venue option that you find. Consider these 10 things when sifting through your list of venue options.

  • Consider the location of the venue. Will it be a long drive for your guests? If so, decide whether or not it will be necessary to arrange transport or accommodation for some of your guests.
  • The first few minutes of your event should open the floor for guests to interact with one another. Consider dedicating a section of the venue for welcome drinks where guests can mingle and calm the mood. A lot of walking space and minimum seating place is recommended for this.
  • If your budget is tight, consider choosing a venue that does not need a lot of dressing up. Plain venues are expensive to embellish with décor and furniture, so make sure you choose a venue that is quick and easy to decorate.
  • Make sure that music will be spread out well throughout the venue. Is there space for a DJ booth to be set up comfortably? Are there enough plug outlets and speakers to spread music around evenly? Remember that the music should always be recognised as background ambiance and should not smother conversation.
  • Do you need to worry about weather conditions? If your event is taking place outdoors during rainy or windy seasons, make sure that the venue will be able to accommodate you in case the sun is not on your side.
  • How good are the services and amenities of the venue? Make sure that the venue you are looking at will be able to accommodate any AV capabilities, parking, security, catering, cleaning or decorating services that you require.
  • Make sure that the bathroom facilities meet the standards that you are looking for. Consider how many people will be attending your event and consider whether the bathroom facilities are acceptable. No matter how glamorous the venue may seem, people always remember an atrocious bathroom.
  • Search your venue option on social media platforms to find out what others have to say about their experience there. Are there any complains that you feel you need to look into, or do the testimonials make you comfortable to book the venue?
  • Find out whether or not the venue hosts more than one event at the same time. If so, does this bother you? How far apart will the different events be from one another and will they interfere with one another?
  • Analyse the venue’s policies. Does the venue have any vector restrictions? What are their refund agreements and what are their force majeure clause policies? You do not want to get stuck making a decision with irrevocable financial circumstances.

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27 September 2016 |

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